Tablets for College… A great addition



I am a big fan of TABLETS for College.     At this point, I use my tablet more than my laptop.    My tablet is simply my go-to device.      I received my current tablet  as a birthday gift.   I must say for the versatility and the cost, a tablet is probably the perfect gift for any college student.

I also found a great resource, if anyone is shopping for a tablet.   This site compares several tablets that can do all the features that I am highlighting.


Here are my top uses for a tablet:

Note Taking

A laptop is too slow and way to bulky to take to class.    I leave my laptop in my dorm room.   I only lug a laptop when I am studying in the library.

I attached a cheap Bluetooth keyboard.    I can punch in notes easily.    And, if I need to draw a diagram, I can just switch to a stylus.

Here is a great online forum giving tips for taking notes.   I agree with their suggestions.



I take several courses that the professor assigns videos for us to watch.    I can use my tablet easily to watch these while I grabbing lunch.



I am a huge movie fan but hardly have time now that I am in college.    I download a movie each week and can watch for study breaks.

There are plenty of other options for studying-on-the-go.   Today, you can find an app for anything.   Here are some suggestions to get started.



I saved lots this semester by selecting etextbooks.    My tablet is very comfortable for knocking out reading for all my courses.     I don’t need to even think about which book I am going to take with me, I just keep my tablet in my backpack.


Read PDFs

I have one professor who copies articles to pdf files and uploads to a site.    We are assigned 3-4 articles per week to analyze.    Some of my class mates gripe about printing out so many articles.    I have no complaints.   My tablet works perfectly for reading a pdf and I don’t have to fret over finding a printer that has ink.

You may need to download the right app.


Internet searches

The smaller screen is only a small pain.    I love the touchscreen and the ability to surf and point.     Since the screen and device are smaller, I can quickly move back and forth and look up anything.


Research papers

Really.    I find that I can collect notes easy enough with my Bluetooth keyboard.    I upload my notes and then I can do my heavier writing on my laptop.    I will open both screens and find this even easier then just using my laptop.


Getting a Tablet on a Budget

Many students may wrongly assume that a tablet is too expensive.   I found a great chart of tablet features at     This article summarizes a list of inexpensive tablets and highlights what work best for reading, note taking, movies, and more.

Mikey suggests my go to device – Amazon Fire for college students on a budget.     Most impressive, my go to device was the least expensive tablet on his list.    He also offers a similar review for non college students, too.


Wrap Up

At this point in College, I can’t imagine going without a tablet.     College just isn’t the same as before.   In my opinion, your technology should now include a tablet.





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