This is a class that I would take

Yes, you have read it correctly. Fresno City College in California will be offering Pokemon Go as a college course. It will be four days a week and it will be considered a P.E class (physical education). Pokemon go is a game that is for fitness as well as fun. I already walk a lot […]



What should we be learning in school?

I use to hate my schooling, I mean, almost all of the important history I learned between class 5 and 12 I could probably find on Wikipedia and understand within a few weeks now. And pretty much any basic scientific knowledge you could ever want to learn is explained with pretty videos on YouTube. And […]

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Music Apps for Education

Hello everyone! I am so excited for my very first blog post. In the past, I was always interested in blogging but hesitant. I was afraid to blog for the exact same reason I never made a Twitter: I figured no one would be interested in reading personal posts about myself. In this blog assignment, […]

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Don’t need college

My namesake (Klown Jr.) just earned his master’s degree in computer geekery from an accredited online university. He’s also a Dilbert fan. Scott Adams: On college education, I think the country should be working toward creating inexpensive online alternatives. Like Bernie Sanders, I think college should be nearly free. But I think the free colleges […]

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