We all know that some universities, when they espouse an allegiance to free speech and open debate, really mean they want only speech that doesn’t offend anyone, and only want debate about issues that aren’t controversial (but then why have a debate?). Fortunately, that’s not true of all universities—my own is a welcome exception. But […]

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College Blogging

Another year of college has begun, and I’m here with some advice for my fellow college bloggers. Whether you post every day or every few months, I’m sure this advice will help you get back into the swing of things!

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College Budget Survival

We’ve all heard of the starving artist stereotype, which is as frowned upon as it is glorified in pop culture. In contrast, many college students are portrayed as wealthy, regardless of the sacrifices they or their family members made to afford a college education. The reverse couldn’t be more true. Even with the help of grants and […]

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How to take notes

As a high school teacher (with a majority of honors students each semester), there were things I took for definitely granted which I didn’t realize until the last few months. Among those things were students wearing deodorant, working on a task the first time I said to start, and remembering to bring their assignments to class […]

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